Hi, I am Daniel Eberhart

I am a Photographer and Videographer based out of Augusta, Kansas. I am a truck driver by trade, but I have been studying the art of photography my whole life. It is truly a life-long passion of mine that I hope to share with my son. He's six and on occasion he does enjoy accompanying me to photoshoots and bringing his own camera(s) along! I have some important family by my side as well including my parents, my significant other, and the friends that have become a part of our family along the way.

I am available to book appointments for seniors + graduates, couples, families, newborn, pets and animals, weddings, engagements, anniversaries, professional shots, various art, business related content for advertising purposes, concerts, rodeos, misc. events and anything in-between! I specialize in sports/action photography as well as couples/romantic shots!